Accident & Personal Injury

Edward C. Pedersen, PLLC
Our accident and personal injury practice serves many selective clients per year and every case is supervised by an experienced and highly qualified trial lawyer.

Our areas of practice include automobile accidents, traumatic brain injury, product liability, motorcycle accidents, nursing home negligence, on-the-job injuries, slip and fall accidents, attorney malpractice actions, medical malpractice actions, accounting malpractice actions and much more.

As a result of our experience and through careful assessment and preparation, we have helped victims and their families obtain cash settlements for, among other things, lost wages, lost earning capacity, medical expenses, home modifications, household assistance, attendant care, and pain and suffering. Sometimes these positive outcomes are achieved only by going to trial. However, in most cases, favorable settlements are obtained outside of the courtroom which makes the experience less stressful for our clients.

We find that the best results are obtained for clients who provide us with the ability to immediately respond to an accident. This allows us to document the scene which can be very helpful in resolving a case favorably.

We handle specific types of traumatic injuries, including cases involving the spine injuries, neurological disorders, bone fractures, amputations, death and disfigurement, and injuries to the head and brain. We recognize that each type of injury carries with it physical and emotional aspects which may require psychological experts, rehabilitation specialists and physicians to whom we can refer clients to upon request.

Additionally, we maintain a network of attorneys who are able to provide our clients with assistance should they become injured outside the State of Michigan.
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