Dispute Resolution

Edward C. Pedersen, PLLC
Our dispute resolution services are an example of our commitment to addressing personal and business issues in an efficient manner. The practice focuses on creative and satisfactory solutions.

The Michigan Supreme Court, the Michigan Court of Appeals and Michigan Circuit and District Courts encourage alternative dispute resolution. We have a strong dispute resolution philosophy, because we recognize the potential importance of mediation and arbitration in resolving disputes between parties and as a vital component of any litigation practice.

Our alternative dispute resolution attorneys appreciate the practical realities of mediation and the enormous potential to fashion creative mediated solutions. We have served as counsel in out-of-court settlements over many years.

Our experience in personal, family and business matters allows us to bring the skills needed to effectively manage alternative dispute resolution across a wide variety of personal situations and industries. Our alternative dispute resolution attorneys have participated in mediation involving a wide range of areas, including securities disputes, insurance claims, real estate, professional fees, liability claims, matrimonial claims, to name just a few.
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