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A divorce creates profound stress and often precipitates many other major life changes. We are dedicated to helping individuals undergoing divorce and related matrimonial problems.

Our priority is to provide competent legal counsel with compassion and understanding. With decades of experience in divorce and matrimonial law in Michigan, we thoroughly understand the continuously evolving case law and legislation that impacts the divorce process. In addition to acting as an advocate and advisor for our clients, we understand the pressure felt by those involved in the divorce process and work to address their personal concerns.

We understand that clients benefit from our knowledge of developments in divorce law. As a result, we are committed to continuously enhancing own professional development.

An additional benefit to our clients is the breadth of our multiple practice areas. When circumstances dictate, we have the ability to tap the knowledge and understanding of business, real estate, tax and estates lawyers when assessing the professional and personal circumstances often directly affected by divorce. Frequently, these related issues and perspectives are critical to developing and administering a balanced and effective legal strategy.

Our clients and attorneys create a plan to ensure a mutual understanding of the expectations, risks and costs associated with divorce or other family changes. We make ourselves readily available and refer our clients to outside counselors and therapists upon request.

Our office is comprised of attorneys who are recognized for their experiences, personal skills and dedication to effectively counsel clients through distressing situations. Perhaps most importantly, we have the resources behind us to provide the full complement of legal expertise necessary when considering the best strategy in light of one’s overall personal, financial and professional circumstances.

On behalf of our clients undergoing divorce, we:
  • Prepare and file legal documents and pleadings.
  • Negotiate aggressively on your behalf.
  • Prepare and conduct all pretrial discovery including interrogatories, depositions and evaluations of the various assets, and advise you regarding child support, visitation and spousal support issues.
  • Advocate and present your case in all pretrial motions, proceedings and, if necessary, at trial.
  • Assist you in considering legal issues and circumstances surrounding financial settlement.
  • Examine the legal aspects of other issues directly related to divorce such as restructuring a business, tax consequences, financial reorganization, sale and disposition of real estate, pension funds and new estate planning.
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