Traumatic Brain Injury

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We helps those who need it most. With more than 27 years of experience, the managing attorney devotes himself to obtaining the compensation his injured clients deserve and provides them with personal guidance to coordinate and promote the healing process.

People suffering from traumatic brain injuries often have many questions about their injury and continuously seek out information on coping strategies, developments in legislation, funding programs and support groups which impact their lives. We strive to assist brain injured individuals cope with and address the challenges they face.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When hiring a personal injury attorney to represent a person who has suffered a traumatic brain injury, is it necessary that the attorney have specialized knowledge of brain injuries?
Yes. The attorney you hire should have specialized knowledge and experience in the field of neurolaw and in representing people with acquired traumatic brain injury. Just as a person with a brain injury would not be treated by a general medical practitioner, he or she should not be represented by a lawyer who is not experienced in this area of law.

When you meet with a lawyer, inquire whether the attorney has handled brain injury cases and whether he or she has clients who can attest to their skills in assisting them. Most importantly, ask whether he or she understands the unique problems of a traumatic brain injury victim.

How much will a traumatic brain injury case cost me?
You have the option of hiring an attorney on an hourly basis or a contingency basis. If you elect to pay your attorney on an hourly basis, he or she will quote you an hourly rate and will keep track of the amount of time spent on your case.

Since the amount of hours spent by an attorney on a traumatic brain injury case may be significant, most plaintiffs elect to retain an attorney on a contingency basis. This means that the maximum legal fee paid to your attorney is based on a percentage of the award he or she recovers on your behalf.
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